My mission in general is to make Milwaukee an art center.  And in so doing help organize the art activities of the Metropolitan area so as to strengthen art as a force in Milwaukee.  

I’m throwing myself into the art world not only as an abstract outdoor steel sculptor but I’ve established the Mangiamele Art Foundation, Inc. to among other things support the idea of establishing Milwaukee as an international art center.

I want to collect specialized sorts of art for our own gallery, to make it relevant but to also bring collections from all over the world working with other galleries in the area and beyond. 

I want the Foundation to get more involved in raising funds for art scholarships, actual classes and developing easy means for placing art of local artists on sale.

Perhaps my mission in not only to place large-sized steel sculptures into public places but also to encourage private firms to use engaging sculptures to identify their businesses and to include them in their surrounding landscapes.  

My most personal of missions is to make a significant contribution to the art movement of Milwaukee and in making this city, “the art city of the world.”  

- Joseph Mangiamele


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